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Issues with Fumigation: Orange County Residents Need To Be Aware!

When termite season hits and you see some winged ants in your front yard you’d be wise to look into fumigation. Orange County has several termite control centers that offer a variety of different methods of eliminating the bugs, but the simple fact is that chemical fumigation is the most effective way to make sure termites don’t damage your home any more than they already have.

Of course, you’d also be pretty wise to be a tad bit concerned about the idea of moving into a hotel while someone filled your home with poisonous gas for an entire day. It doesn’t sound terribly safe, does it? Well, fortunately, fumigation has been used for decades — long enough that the technology has been proven safe and effective.

The process is called ‘tenting’, and it essentially means that the fumigation company puts a huge tent over your entire home. They then replace the atmosphere in the tent with a toxic gas — often a product called Vikane — that kills termites dead. After the process is complete, the Vikane is sucked out of the tent back into a safe container, and the house is left to air out for a day.

After that day, professionals with very sensitive instruments make their way through your home and test for any remaining traces of the fumigant. If there are any, they clean it up, wait another day, and check again. 95% of the time, however, no traces are found and you are invited to return to your home.

Vikane is used by a majority of the companies that perform termite control in Orange County, because it’s relatively safe to non-termite life. It’s so safe that it’s not even a good product if you want to eliminate, for example, bedbugs or cockroaches. The tenting isn’t so much to keep the Vikane out of the neighborhood as it’s to keep it up against the outside of your home so that the termites that might be gnawing on your roof or wood paneling are killed as thoroughly as the ones inside.

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